Who am I

I have a very diverse professional experience. I have worked with Telecom industries, in hospitality industry, in finance, health care, and now, following my true passions, technology and creativity through web design.

My entrepreneurial DNA has led me to commence a Joint venture with my friend Mr.Nimish N Bhatt, named- Creativeframes Company that will soon be a major player in the technology world offeringan array of technological services.

It currently offers website design, Developing, Domain name Registrations, SEO, E-commerce, Custom Graphics, Flash Presentation etc.  

Well, I am Communicator, designer, thinker, doer, biker, Occasional poet, amateur writer and imperfect soul Working as BDM @ Creativeframes – website designing, development Company.

I claim no expertise at writing and no great understanding of various forms or technicalities of writing. Writing gives me great joy but when it comes to technically correct writing, I still have a long way to go. This blog is more a scribble pad for me to keep all my writing efforts at one place and to keep learning.

My role is to develop the business through marketing strategy.

As far as my Work experience is concern I have altogether 6 years of excellent learning experience in sales and Marketing.

  • A dynamic Professional with 4+ years experience in sales & marketing and 2 years in Channel business development as Sales and Training manager.
  • Planer with proven abilities in devising strategies to augment business, develop new market, promote products for business excellence.
  • Posses a focused, Customer oriented approach with excellent Relationship management skills and efficiency in dealing with clients.
  • Exemplary skills in communication with demonstrated abilities in mentoring motivated teams towards achieving organizational goals.

In my professional life I have started career as a trainee sales executive at Pharma company, I performed well and promoted as FSM, and Now I am recruiting, managing people, providing them sales training, communication training, soft-skill training. Creating an environment that sustains and encourages high performance; motivate teams in optimizing their contribution levels. Mentoring and Motivating my team by appreciating their work, their efforts, giving them grand Prizes and Parties to make them live…

My career objective is to lead the people, mentorship and learning from every person whom I meet in my life as I believe that “ learning is a spontaneous process till you live.”

આ ઉપરાંત મારો શોખ :

મને મિત્રો બનવા, મારા અંગત-મિત્રો સાથે અને મારા પરીવાર સાથે લોંગ ડ્રાઇવ ઉપર જવુ, અલગ-અલગ સ્થળોઍ ફરવા જવુ,મને વૉલી-બૉલ,ખો ખો,પર્વતારોહણ,સ્કેટીંગ,ચેસ જેવી રમતો રમવી ગમે છે, અને  હા મને ધમલ કરવી બહુ ગમે..!!

આધ્યાત્મિક વ્યક્તિવ ધરાવુ છુ અન અધ્યાત્મ ને લાગતી ચોપડી વાંચુ છુ જેમકે મારા સ્વામીનારાયણધર્મનાપુસ્તકો,

મને કેટલાક સારા લેખકો ના લેખો /સાહિત્ય નો સંગ્રહ કરવાનો પણ શોખ છે, ક્યારેક શાયર પણ બૅની જાઉ છુ(અને સાંભળેલી શાયરી સાંભળાવુ) હુ અહી તમારી સાથે મારાકેટલાક સંગ્રહ નુ આદાન પ્રદાન કરીસ…

આશા રાખુ છુ કે તમને ઍ  ગમશે અને  તમે તમારો અભિપ્રાય પણ અપસો...

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