Posted by: Sanket Dave | January 29, 2010

Speed up your pages like right now !

So what’s new in SEO world ? Faster Performance, Weight Loss and Shorter Page Load Times, as we had mentioned earlier. Google recently introduced a new tool to their Webmasters stable that will basically check how fast your pages are loading, and give you insights on the same. So what does that imply ?

Page Load Times have become more important than ever. People like fast loading pages, and so do search engines. So if you’re on a shared hosting or have a bloated website by any chance, its high time to upgraded.

You can see the page load time check tool in the webmasters console under the labs section.

What does the Site Performance tool do ?

– Checks overall page loading time, gives you a visual representation of how your pages have been performing all this while.

– Selects pages that take time to load, so you know who’s the culprit.

– Gives you suggestions on how to improve the page load time for the pages on the site.

Essentially, this is a tool that analyzes your overall site performance and helps you improve it, comparing it with the standards. A good move from Google, now its work time for webmasters.

By Mani karthik.



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